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Sound Booster PRO Universal replacement wiring

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 Sound Booster PRO Universal replacement wiring. The sound generator, the control unit and the Audi external module ESM are not included. 

Sound Booster PRO system description:

  • The Sound Booster PRO kits simulates the sound of a powerful engine (V6 / V8) or create a new and unique characteristic sound for your vehicle.
  • The base is a sound generator. An electrical input signal (ex. speed) goes through the system and the electro-acoustic conversor generates an audio signal. This signal is sent by sound transmission through a conduit and/or any exhaust system or pipe.
  • The Sound Booster PRO system is compatible with almost any brand and car model. The prerequisit for its installation is a CAN-BUS system engine.
  • There are two possible types of installation: external or internal, you can install the sound generator under the vehicle or inside the vehicle (spare wheel area)
  • If your vehicle already has an "Active Sound" system installed from factory, you can install an "Active Sound Boost" kit, which amplifies the existent sound of the vehicle.
  • The Sound Booster PRO kits are the ideal and cheaper solution to enjoy the sound of a powerful engine, without the need of replacing the vehicle's engine.
  • The "Active Sound" system can be activated easily through a button, which also allows you to change the different sound profiles.

"Active Sound" system overview and features:

  • It's an Audi genuine system, which is factory installed on all TDI models with 313 hp engines
  • The external sound generator "simulates" the sound of a powerful engine, replacing the typical sound of a TDI engine
  • This sound is achieved without the need of installing any sport exhaust system
  • The level/profile 1 of sound, offers a decent sound quality for noise sensitive areas (up to 6 levels/profiles)
  • The Sound Booster PRO system brings a unique sound to all the system
  • A powerful V6 / V8 engine sound (depending on configuration)
  • It has a LED status indicator, for an easier installation
  • You can choose up to 6 levels/profiles of sound
  • Choose the sound profile through a button, remote controller, or through vehicle integration (ex: Cruise control lever "Tempomat")
  • It is recommend to install the level/profile button at the driver's footwell
  • Free download of the configuration sound software

Package Contents

  • Sound Booster PRO Universal replacement wiring


  • The sound generator, the control unit and the Audi external module ESM are not included.
  • By installing this retrofit it will change the vehicle's noise emissions (when active), check the legislation of your country about noise emissions.
  • We would like to point out that the use of this retrofit is at your own risk.
  • Before make an order, it's necessary to send us an email with your vehicle's chassis VIN number. You can send the chassis number to info@vag-navisystems.com
  • We recommend that the installation will be performed by a qualified specialist.
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